Maryland at a Glance

Maryland has over 1,400 public schools in 24 local school systems serving all of the state’s 23 counties plus Baltimore City. Since 2020, enrollment has declined by 2 percent. Since 2022, enrollment has increased by 1 percent. Since 2014, enrollment has increased by 3 percent. In school year 2022-23, over 889,900 students enrolled in Maryland public schools from Pre-K to high school.

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Diversity Matters Here

With a student population of 33% White students, 33% Black/African American students, and 22% Hispanic/Latino students, and 7% Asian students, Maryland’s student population is becoming increasingly diverse. The Hispanic/Latino student population grew significantly from 2017 to 2023.

In addition to the growing diversity in race/ethnicity, recent enrollment trends show an increase in the percentage of students who are Economically Disadvantaged and living in concentrated poverty. Maryland’s student population also includes 12% of students who are multilingual learners and 12% of Students with Disabilities.

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