Strategic Plan Phase 1 and 2

The Maryland State Board and Department of Education are developing a multiyear Strategic Plan that will be released in three phases leading up to June 2023. The strategic planning process ensures that we stay focused on progress and alignment around clear priorities, goals, and flagship programs. The Strategic Plan will anchor and reinforce the Blueprint legislation into the organizational fabric of the department and its everyday work. Download the Strategic Plan guidebooks below.

Interactive Strategic Plan Phase 1

Strategic Plan Phase 1

In October 2022, Phase 1 of the Strategic Plan was released and introduced our vision, mission, values, priorities, and enablers. These foundational elements were created based on input from a wide range of stakeholders representing the diversity of the state. Through multiple methods, from a statewide survey to roundtables and listening sessions, to the State Superintendent shadowing students in schools throughout the state, we learned what mattered most to our communities to transform public education in Maryland.

Download Strategic Plan Phase 1
Interactive Strategic Plan Phase 2

Strategic Plan Phase 2

In February 2023, Phase 2 of the Strategic Plan was released and includes the goals and metrics to track progress and measure success in connection to each priority and enabler. We continued to engage with our communities to refine the Phase 1 elements of the Strategic Plan and develop the goals and metrics. Engagement took the form of regional data walks with stakeholders, ongoing student shadows, and a new series of roundtables and community events.

Download Strategic Plan Phase 2