Engagement Report Phase 1 and 2

This Engagement Report describes the journey to engage Maryland’s diverse stakeholders and use what we have learned to inform the strategic planning process in each phase. This report is a companion piece to the Strategic Plan guidebooks, and the documents should be read together for an in-depth understanding of the plan’s content and how it originated. Download the Engagement Reports below.

Interactive Phase 1 Book

Engagement Report Phase 1

The primary aim of engagement in this phase was to gain input from a wide range of stakeholders that represented the diversity of the state. A multi-pronged approach was developed to structure engagement for the strategic planning process to ensure flexible, responsive and iterative communication with stakeholders. A combination of virtual and in-person engagement methods such as surveys, roundtables, listening sessions, community conversations, and events were implemented to ensure engagement of stakeholders across Maryland’s diverse landscape.

Download Engagement Report Phase 1
Interactive Phase 2 Book

Engagement Report Phase 2

Engagement in Phase 2 focused on refining the Phase 1 foundational elements such as the mission, vision, values, priorities and enablers, as well as identifying emerging goals and metrics. In addition to the engagement methods outlined in first phase, this phase involved discussions centered around data focused on specific regions in Maryland connected to the priorities and enablers outlined in the Strategic Plan.

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